Full Home Inspection

Full Home Inspection - to ensure the safety of your family
Full Home Inspection for your peace of mind (Image)
Full Home Inspection from the gate to the roof (image)
Full Home Inspection - we inspect and report on all aspects of your home

We do not evaluate your home – we INSPECT the condition of your new home and provide you with a comprehensive and objective report.

The representative of the bank is a VALUATOR, and they will only make sure the property is worth the mortgage amount.

Our inspection fee is not an expense, but an investment in your home. Contact us for peace of mind.

Our inspection will include, but is not limited to:

Structure: Internal and external walls, windows, doors, cracks, certain safety issues, if the construction is done according to regulations

Damp: Rising, flashing & waterproofing

Stormwater: Assessing potential problems

Roof: Structure and insulation, covering, facia & barge boards, gutters and downpipes. We check geyser installation in the roof as well as tile underlay. Our roof inspectors are ITC certified.

Exterior: Boundary walls, parapet walls, gates, paving, driveway, apron, pool, lapa

Interior: Damp, cracks, built-in-cupboards and vanity units, tiling, sanitaryware, shower enclosures, kitchen and bathroom units, doors, locks, handles, leaks of sanitaryware, illegal electrical installations, gas installations. We do not issue compliance certificates; however, we will report any illegal installations we notice.

Building Plans: If building plans are provided we can confirm if the property is built according to these specifications

Defects and Snags

Defects and Snags - bad workmanship picture
Defects and Snags - Low quality materials
Defects and Snags - out of plumb frames image
Defects and Snags- lack of supervision image

Defects and snags which occur due to poor workmanship or low-quality construction material.

GAUTENG PROPERTY INSPECTIONS can accompany you on the final day of handover and compile a comprehensive snag list in your new home that the contractor must attend to before your 3 month snag period expires.

Our inspections are fully in line with National Building Regulations, The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) Guidelines and the approved plans.

Remember, you only have 90 days after you have taken occupation to bring any defects to the attention of the contractor who is obligated to attend to all the items brought to his attention.

Unfortunately, many home buyers have been convinced by some contractors that certain defects are the norm, are always built this way, and are accepted by the industry. However, the only norm that you should accept is good workmanship.

Some defects should be treated with discretion, it is not practical to remove a door frame which is out of plumb, or break a wall down at this late stage. This can be seen as a construction fault due to a lack of supervision and is not a defect. We will advise you on how to handle this with the contractor.

We will also meet with the builder as your representative and then complete an inspection to ensure all defects and snags are fixed according to building regulations.

Cracks, Damp and Storm Water

Cracks Damp and Storm Water - Heavy cracks can cause a house to collapse
Cracks Damp and Storm Water - Rising damp can cause disease
Cracks Damp and Storm Water - Inditify which cracks are fatal
Cracks Damp and Storm Water - damp can damage walls image
Cracks Damp and Storm Water - flooded garden picture 2
Cracks Damp and Storm Water - picture of flooded garden
Cracks Damp and Storm Water - picture of flooded home
Cracks Damp and Storm Water - you house may get flooded

Cracks Damp and Storm Water are a major concern for all homeowners. It’s important that you get expert advice before they get out of control, putting off potential buyers or tenants.

At GAUTENG PROPERTY INSPECTIONS we will explain the different types of cracks and their possible causes.

We can advise you on the relevant repair procedure (not patch) for different types of cracks.

GAUTENG PROPERTY INSPECTIONS will also advise you on the rules and regulations in respect of cracks, as defined in The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) Guidelines.

There are many reasons why cracks occur, all of which are explained in great detail in our book, “The Proud Home Owner“.

Every house has damp and it is normally due to a construction error. We will explain why the damp is there, what caused it and how to repair, not patch it.

Stormwater can cause major damage if not controlled correctly. We will advise on the best course of action.

Let us correctly assess and report on your Cracks Damp and Storm Water issues.

Building Alterations and Quality Control

Building Alterations - Ensuring they're done right
Building Alterations - Assisting Banks
Building Alterations - Quality Control
Building Alterations - Plan Checking

It is now a requirement for certain municipalities to appoint an experienced person to supervise construction projects. Architects do not always have the time to supervise all their projects, BUT GAUTENG PROPERTY INSPECTIONS CAN DO IT FOR YOU.

We will conduct inspections and reporting on an on-going basis regarding the progress and quality of the workmanship of your alterations.

Making alterations and additions to your home can be a “minefield” of misunderstandings.

Never underestimate the complexity of any alteration even if the contractor says it is easy. There are many surprises when walls are demolished or the roof comes off. Make use of our experience to help you.

Do not attempt to do any alterations to your home before you have read Albert’s book, “The Proud Home Owner”

Landlords and Tenants

Landlords and Tenants - Get a report before your tenants move in
Landlords and Tenants - Get a report before taking occupation
Landlords and Tenants - Who's responisble?
Landlords and Tenants - Homes and offices reports

Tips for Tenants: Tenants, do not be overwhelmed by the occasion when you move in and then make basic mistakes before you take occupation. Accept the fact that no building is perfect, nor is the rental unit you are moving into. It was so nice of the landlord to have had the unit painted, but it gives you a greater responsibility to keep it totally clean because they want it returned to them in the same state.

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to make a list regarding the necessary repairs and maintenance required in writing PRIOR to moving in or you will also end up paying for the repairs of the previous tenant.

The landlord is entitled to deduct all expenses for repairs from your deposit. More often than not, many tenants do not have the experience to compile such a list and they end up paying the bill of the previous resident. Ask GAUTENG PROPERTY INSPECTIONS to investigate and provide you with a written report, supported by photos, to ensure your full deposit is returned.

While it is the landlord’s duty to maintain the dwelling during the lease period, the tenant may agree in writing as part of the lease agreement, that they will maintain the inside and the outside of the actual dwelling or property.

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