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About Gauteng Property Inspections

Company CEO

About Gauteng Property Inspections - Marisia RobusMarisia Robus

I began my career in financial advertising and printing before making the jump into the family construction business for 12 years.

The day I started in the construction business, my father began building a house. I went to site every day and learned about the construction process from the beginning. This gives me an edge over other home inspectors – when I identify a problem in a house, I know what caused it.

I am passionate about property and it is very upsetting for me to see how clients are taken for a ride by unscrupulous contractors. In September 2016 I was instrumental in assisting 12 clients to cancel their building contracts with a contractor listed on the JSE. I conducted snag list inspections and decided to involve the banks, as the developer was not budging – refusing to cancel the sales or repair the mess he had made.

Once the banks read my reports they sent their own inspectors to evaluate the situation. The banks then cancelled their bonds on the entire development and the contractor had to return the clients’ money, plus interest, enabling them to find more suitable and better-built accommodations.

I qualified as an ITC Certified Roof Inspector in 2017, one of only 40 inspectors in the country. I have done inspections for large companies as part of their due diligence before they buy industrial and commercial properties, and have numerous return clients.

I have six years property inspection experience and will provide you with a detailed and personalised report on any home you want to buy, a snag list, maintenance report, or assist with a due diligence report.

FOUNDER (Born 7 September 1938 – Died 29 June 2021)

About Gauteng Property Inspections - Albert Van WykAlbert van Wyk

I know how to identify typical mistakes and defects, how the work is meant to be done in line with my practical experience repairing defects.

With over 38 years of experience in the construction industry I have built office blocks, factories, cluster and townhouse developments as well as many luxurious houses – on difficult stands – to the satisfaction of some very meticulous clients. Many of these homes have been featured in SA Home Owner and on Top Billing.

My knowledge and implementation of the National Building Regulations and the NHBRC Guidelines is excellent and I know how to apply it in practice.

I am also an ITC Certified Roof Inspector, one of only 40 in the country, and handle disputes for our clients – winning numerous court cases on their behalf thanks to my knowledge and experience.

I recently published, “The Proud Home Owner”, in which I guide consumers through the difficult task of buying and selling a house, building a house and doing alterations, and home maintenance.

My daughter Marisia Robus will take over the reins of the company after my passing. I taught her everything I know.

You may order a copy at www.proudhomeowner.co.za

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