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Full Home Inspection

We do not evaluate your home – we INSPECT the condition of your new home and provide you with a comprehensive and objective report.

The representative of the bank is a VALUATOR, and they will only make sure the property is worth the mortgage amount.

Our inspection fee is not an expense, but an investment in your home. Contact us for peace of mind.

Our inspection will include, but is not limited to:

Structure: Internal and external walls, windows, doors, cracks, certain safety issues, if the construction is done according to regulations

Damp: Rising, flashing & waterproofing

Stormwater: Assessing potential problems

Roof: Structure and insulation, covering, facia & barge boards, gutters and downpipes. We check geyser installation in the roof as well as tile underlay. Our roof inspectors are ITC certified.

Exterior: Boundary walls, parapet walls, gates, paving, driveway, apron, pool, lapa

Interior: Damp, cracks, built-in-cupboards and vanity units, tiling, sanitaryware, shower enclosures, kitchen and bathroom units, doors, locks, handles, leaks of sanitaryware, illegal electrical installations, gas installations. We do not issue compliance certificates; however, we will report any illegal installations we notice.

Building Plans: If building plans are provided we can confirm if the property is built according to these specifications

Full Home Inspection for your peace of mind (Image)

Full Home Inspection from the gate to the roof (image)

Full Home Inspection - to ensure the safety of your family

Full Home Inspection - we inspect and report on all aspects of your home